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Never miss a beat in your day when you let the facility maintenance and janitorial services team at Perimeter Holding Company, in Roswell, Georgia, take care of all necessary cleaning tasks. From floor to ceiling, we take the time to never miss a nook or cranny.

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National Federation of Independent Businesses24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week Service Provided
Our Founder Was a Finalist for the 1991 Greater Gwinnett Small Businessman of the Year Award
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Keep your business in tip-top shape when you turn to our cleaning company in Roswell, Georgia. Since 1983, Perimeter Holding Company has been dedicated to delivering business owners an unparalleled cleaning experience that never compromises on quality, time, or your bottom line. As partners in your success, we understand the impact a clean, neat, and sanitary space brings to your productivity. With 24-hour services available, we strive to leave your office looking its absolute best for the next day. Our team is comprised of bonded professionals with years of experience and who have passed our in-depth background checks.

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